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About Johnny's Auto Parts

We've been in the business for over 50 years

Johnny's Auto Parts may have been open in 1958, but our family has been in the junk business for quite awhile longer.  Johnny Pecka (our founder) worked alongside his brother, Stephen Pecka, at the old Pecka Motors, which was located on Wolcott Street in Waterbury CT.  After years of cooperation, Johnny decided to part ways and move his family to Thomaston CT, where he opened his own self named junkyard.  For the next 30 years he worked, serving the community of Thomaston, picking up old junk cars, clearing lots of scrap, and selling quality used parts at affordable prices.


And for 50 years  we've been serving you...

Johnny unfortunatley passed away some years ago, but not before raising the next generation of Johnny's Auto Parts.  We're still here today, honoring his name and his business, working tirelessly to provide the customer with quick pickups on their junk cars for cash in hand, and guaranteed satisfaction with all of our used auto parts.


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